Myths promise us our spiritual inheritance.


an essay by Michael Meade

Myths are intended to break the spell of time and release us from the pressures and limitations of daily life. Myth speaks to the extraordinary in us and to the innate nobility of our souls. Hearing a mythic story awakens the myth living in each of us. As the story enters us, we enter the timeless territory of myth. We become mythic again, a knowing participant in our own story and a seeker near its source. For, being in a “mythic condition” allows us to reconnect to the core imagination at the center of our soul.

Myths, and the rites they inspire, compel us to think and behave otherwise than we would normally. We take mythic steps to change personal and collective conditions. Turning to myth opens the moment to things eternal. We tap and are tapped by an Otherness that is both in us and in the Soul of the World. Hearing a myth opens a door through which we become more of who we already are at our core. Each step of that order has an initiatory function through which we contact an otherness that momentarily makes whole the duality of life.

Meaningful change begins when and where we touch our soul center again. For, in mythic terms, the center and the beginning are the same. Each visit to the center of oneself is also a new beginning and further initiation of the soul. Creation stories were often told to bring the listeners back to their own origins and awaken again the potential in their lives. In that sense, myths are healing as well intended to change us.

Myths heal us by placing us in proximity of a “whole story.” Not that any one myth tells the whole story, but that a genuine myth has everything it needs within its shape of beginning, middle and end. Viewed from the outside, myths are patently false; yet the same can be said of love. Only those who surrender to love know what love means, how it heals and how it teaches. Myth also requires some surrender and, like love, a little sacrifice.

In the modern world everything else is usually sacrificed in the service of linear time; yet to find again our mythic sense and touch timeless things, time is exactly what must be sacrificed. Only when time becomes broken can the “once upon a time” realm of genuine imagination appear again. Then, creation becomes possible again and love has a place to enter and healing can follow. 

Creation wishes to continue, yet can only work through the souls of those alive at a given time. The creative aspect of our soul would have us find further initiations (and rites of passage)by continually returning to the core of Being and beginning life over again. As creatures of creation we carry a desire to sacrifice in order to incarnate further and in order to further the work of creation. We take mythic steps in order to continue our own story and contribute to the story of creation.   maybe have a look at this poem: We are still Mythical We are the new Ancients.

My Italics Sam Sleeman.

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