Godels: Comments about the function of story telling in his village.

Godel:I’ve met Sam Samuel through ManKind Project and I have been enjoying his storytelling because all what it reminds me. It was bringing back to my mind not only the image of my grandfather but also the privilege that the new generation may be missing: the art of teaching though stories.

In my BABUYU culture, back in the East of DRCONGO , storytelling was a way of transferring knowledge and wisdom in young peoples.

I remember, as children, it was an imperative to spent our early years around our grandfather. We enjoyed seeing the end of the day coming as we will be sitting around the fire in the evening listening to him telling us nice stories. There were new stories every day. And all were about the origin of our culture, they were about who we really are, where we come from and where wrong doing have led the human nature.

Growing up, I realized that so many lessons were put in those stories mostly about how to deal with the demons of life that I personally came to meet and continue to meet growing old today as a married man, a father and a man on a specific mission in this world.

For me, storytelling will always remain one of those top wise spaces that the new generations are missing out.

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