The Firebird Narrative

So once upon a time, once next to a time, once below a time, once on a time, once beyond a time, once before a time, was counted the way that it is counted now, once in that time, beyond the thrice ninth land, beyond the thrice ninth realm, there was a kingdom and the king was a mighty king and in that kingdom was a young hunter.

The hunter had a horse and that horse was a horse of power. It had a great wide chest, its eyes were like fire and its hooves were of iron and there are no horses like that these days. They all lie deep in the earth, sleeping. And the men that rode them lie quietly in their graves, and they will lie there until the day when the earth knows of its trouble and knows of the need for horses like that and men like that.   When that day comes then the horses heads will rise up through the earth and those valiant men of that time will come from the grave that were holding them, mount those horses.   And I tell you, that at that time there will but the sound of sticks in the air and there will be the sound of iron hooves and the armed men that come from those graves will drive before them all of the enemies of God.   At least that is what my grandfather said, and his grandfather said it too. So why shouldn’t it be true? 

So one day the young hunter was riding through the forest on his horse of power.   It was in the green time of the year when all of the trees show their splendour in the sun and little blue flowers lifted up from the earth.   The squirrels scattered amongst the branches and the four footed animals rustle their way through the forest and you could hear them. But as the hunter was riding along he heard no birds.   The occasional falling of pine cones to the ground and the skittering of the squirrels in the branches but not the song of a single bird.   

He wondered why the birds were not singing and he watched carefully as he rode along the path and just as he wondered about that he saw before him on the ground laying in the path a great curving feather.  The sun was shining on it and it was a feather of gold anyway so it lay there, a flaming feather on the ground.   As soon as he saw the flaming feather on the path he knew the reason why the birds were not singing.   He knew that the great Firebird had flown through the forest and caused the birds to stop singing and the reason he knew it was because of the flaming feather that had falling from the burning breast of the Firebird.   He stopped before the feather and he gazed upon it and his horse of power spoke. 

 And the horse said, don’t pick up that feather. It is the cause of trouble.   If you pick it up you will know difficulty and you will learn the meaning of fear.  

The hunter thought to himself, if I do pick it up I can take it to the king and give it to him and since no king on the wide earth has a flaming feather from the burning breast of the great Firebird.  The king would look upon me with favour and I would be honoured by him.   And who does not wish to be held in the gaze of the king and be honoured by the king. Still the horse of power had said, don’t pick it up or you will know trouble and you will learn the meaning of fear. On the other hand, there was the issue with the king. He turned it over in his mind while he gazed at it on the ground. longing for the king’s favour,  pondering whether or not to pick up the feather and the trouble.  After a time, a short time or a long time, or whatever time it took for him to turn that thing the way he had to turn it in his mind, he leaped down from the horse, reached his hand towards the feather and picked it up. Immediately, he mounted his horse again and turned towards the palace

And as he rode through the forest you could hear the iron hooves of that horse’s power pounding through the forest. And he did not stop nor look to the left nor look to the right until he reached the palace of the king. He dismounted in the courtyard, entered straightforward, bowed before the king and handed him the feather from the burning breast of the great Firebird. The king thanked him for the gift

Talk about whats missing ‘The Queen”

What is wrong in this kingdom?    The firebird has never been seen!!!!  Relationship between birds of Forrest and the firebird.  Relationship between birds and angels

The king work

  1. the horse of power, sprit guide totom animal??
  2. the forrest place of safty.
  3. the hunter sword and shield
  4. the feather the call to the quest  the gift for this quest

  But a hunter has to be hunting for something. So we find him in that state when all the sensors are alive.  The entire psyche comes alert, all emotions are available. He is after something. He is trying to be out of the mundane life. It is in this state _of mind that he finds the feather. When we hear of the feather, we know that we are not dealing with the ordinary. This is extraordinary. What Jung would call, Numinous, magical, special, and archetypal?

Healing only takes place in ritual space.  Healing (making whole only takes place in the presence of the divine.

We enter the story again when the hunter, longing for the king’s favour, is pondering whether or not to pick up the feather and the trouble.  After a time, a short time or a long time, or whatever time it took for him to turn that thing the way he had to turn it in his mind, he leaped down from the horse, reached his hand towards the feather and picked it up. Immediately, he mounted his horse again and turned towards the palace

And as he rode through the forest you could hear the iron hooves of that horse’s power pounding through the forest. And he did not stop nor look to the left nor look to the right until he reached the palace of the king. He dismounted in the courtyard, entered straightforward, bowed before the king and handed him the feather from the burning breast of the great Firebird. The king thanked him for the gift.

Then the king said, you know a single feather is hardly a gift to give to a king.  Now the whole bird held here before me, that is an appropriate gift for a king. And anyone who could find the feather of the great Firebird could certainly find the entire bird and bring it here and so go out now and find the bird and bring it. And by the way, if you should not succeed in this, by my sword, your head will be separated from your shoulders. 

Now we learn something new about the king and his gaze. Our expectation against his expectations.  Kingship is always sacrial,  when we enter the kings chamber to soon or unbidden we always fall back into ashes.  (drugs and mood-altering behaviour patterns)  the entertainment industry always promises the king chamber at a price but never actually delivers. 

So the young hunter left the palace of the king walking down the steps, his head down, his eyes on the ground, weeping. He came to where the horse of power was waiting, and the horse said, what is it, master? Why are you weeping in this fashion? And the young hunter said, because the king said a man that could find the feather could get the entire bird and requires me to bring it to him. No man can do that. He said, if I don’t do it, my head will be separated from my shoulders and he said it is pretty obvious how this is going to go.

The horse did not begin any of the popular forms of therapy but simply said in the manner of a horse of power, I told you so. But don’t weep too long and don’t hold to this grief for I tell you this, the trouble is not now, the trouble lies before you.   But now do this, go back before the king, ask him to have 100 bags of maize brought and to have it poured out on the ground in the clearing there near the palace. 

Importance of weeping and wailing?     Notice horse does not criticize this weeping and wailing he just says don’t stick with it too long

 The young hunter went in and asked for the maize. The maize was brought.   It was poured out onto the field that was there near the palace.   Morning came and the red sun rose.   The young hunter and the horse of power went to the field and in the centre of the field was an old oak tree.  The young hunter dismounted and climbed into the branches of the old oak tree and he hid there.   The horse of power began to wonder in the field nibbling at the maize. As the sun rose in the sky a great wind began to blow.   The trees bent under the weight of the wind. A thunderous sound was heard as if a storm was approaching from all sides at once there was a great flapping of the wings of the great Firebird could be heard. If flew over the clearing, shining gold in the sunlight. It dropped down upon the ground and lowered its great golden wings and began to peck at the maize lying there. As it was eating away the horse of power slowly inched its way over, closer and closer to the great Firebird.   And then suddenly stomped on one of the wings of the great Firebird and pined it down.   The young hunter dropped down from the tree, took three ropes, wrapped them around the Firebird, picked it up, heaved it onto his shoulder, jumped on the horse of power and began to ride back to the palace of the king. 


Images of the fire bird. . Like Jason to and from the east fire gold


 He rode into the courtyard and dismounted, he climbed the steps, entered the palace of the king with the great Firebird on his back. The two wings were drooping down on either side, great flaming wings like those of an angel.   Golden feathers fell from the wings _ and lay about the floor and in that fashion he approached the king.  He put the great Firebird down and the king thanked him for the gift. He raised him to the level of a noble, honoured him, proclaimed his new rank

Time to stop the story with apologies to the story you know stories don’t like to be stopped in the middle you know. 

and then the King said, “you know, a man that could find, capture and bring to me the great Firebird could certainly go and find the bride that I most desired in the entire world. Beyond the land of never, at the edge of the world where the red sun rises above the dark sea in the morning.  In that land, at the edge of the world where the shore meets the water, there lives a most beautiful maiden in the world and I have ever desired to have her as my wife.   Her name is Vasilisa the Beautiful and the situation now is that you should go and find her and bring her here to marry me. And a man that could find whole and deliver the great Firebird could certainly accomplish that. By the way, if you should fail to do it the distance between your head and your shoulders will grow rapidly greater”. 

What could he do?   He turned around and walked out of the palace, his head down, his eyes looking at the ground, and walking down the steps, he wept. In the courtyard was waiting the horse of power. When the young hunter came down, the horse said, what is it master? Why is it that you weep now, and the young hunter said, because the king now demands that I bring Vasilisa the Beautiful from the Land of Never. I fear it is impossible and no man can do it and I don’t know where it is, and I don’t know how to begin this thing at all, at all, and that is why I weep.   And the horse of power said, don’t hold this weeping too long, grieve not, the trouble is not now, the trouble lies before you. 


So there he is now. Getting deeper into trouble. You know the old saying; it is not the just deserts that a man gets but his destiny. So one of the things to say about it is that this picking up of the feather is the beginning of the weeping. It brings him before the king, and you see it gets him what he wanted and in a sense what he needed, which is to be seen by the king but it is the beginning of the weeping too.   It is not appropriate for the horse of power to go into pity over the thing. He simply states the fact, I told you that this is the way is was going to go, and then he keeps announcing the fact that, yon feather, once it is picked up, creates this huge event. The feather is the connection to the king and the king will not be satisfied with a feather. This thing opens up the whole business and the issue moves from a feather to the entire bird, and then it moves from the entire bird to the most beautiful woman in the world. So we can see its progression and it is moving towards beauty, among other things. It also says very clearly that you are not even in the trouble yet. You can kind of get the style of the thing. He is going deeper and deeper into trouble because the purpose of being alive is to be in big trouble.



Rouker said, the purpose in life is to be defeated by greater and greater things and contrary to again, certain therapies, the issues general speaking is not too much pressure, often the issue is not enough real pressure. The issue is not how to get massaged into balance; the issue is how to get into enough trouble to develop proper attention.  Sammys quote If you’re not living on the edge then your taking up too much space!!   Extreme sports are very popular now. There are times when not to pick up the feather, and there are times when the feather is the destiny of one’s life and not to pick it up is to make one’s life smaller and smaller. And we are all going to weep anyway; we might as well weep after the great things.  


The hunter had just told the horse about the latest requirement. The horse of power said, go back to the king; tell him that you need a tent of silver with a golden roof, a quantity of fine foods and a selection of old wines and other things to drink. Have them packed up and let us go. So the hunter went to ask for it, the king gave it, and they set off. The horse of power happened to know the route to the realm beyond the land of never, to that shore where they would find the beautiful Vasilisa. They travelled along in the way that they went along, taking a short time or a long time or whatever time that it took them to get to the land beyond the land of never. Having arrived there, the young hunter dismounted, set up the tent of silver which was embroided all the way around with markings illustrated various stories and scenes from the history of the people. 

The golden roof of the tent caught the light of the sun and spread it. The horse of power wandered nearby where there was some green grass and he began to nibble at the grass. The young hunter scanned the water and saw a little silver boat with golden oars and sitting in it the beautiful Vasilisa. Inside the tent he set out all of the foods and vitals that he had siting inside.   And he put out all of the liquids in the curs. Himself he arrayed in his finest clothes, making himself a splendid display. He left the door of the tent open and sat there with everything at the ready.   The Princess, the beautiful Vasilisa, for her part riding by on the waves glanced towards this tent, saw this beautiful embroidery on the silver sides of the tent, the shining gold dome of it, the door open, a splendid youth. Her gaze did not wonder from that door.   She turned the boat in that direction, rowed her way into shore, got out of the boat, went to the door of the tent and looked in.  

The young hunter welcomed her with his eyes and with sweet words.   Seeing no danger in that and no harm, she passed through the door and went inside.   She sat down, they gazed at each other, and the young hunter took some fine old wine, poured it into two fine golden goblets, and gave one to her. He toasted her, she toasted him.  He offered the victual; she ate fresh fruit, some vegetables. The old saying, to make a person well, you give them the freshest of food and the oldest of liquors. They went on like that, eating, drinking a little and talking, for a time. But the beautiful Vasilisa, not being used to this type of liquor, became drowsy and shortly fell into a deep sleep. That having occurred, the young hunter quickly got up, took the tent down, folded it up, did whatever he did to the food and drink.  Calling to the horse of power, lifted Vasilisa up mounted the horse with her in his arms and they set off quickly to the palace of the king.   The horse of power did not stop along the way. His iron hooves could be heard pounding through the forest, quickly returning. The young hunter riding along, the beautiful Vasilisa lying in his arms as light as a feather.  In that fashion the three of them passed quickly along the path that they had come and made it all the way back to the palace of the king, and entered the courtyard.   The horse stopped, the young hunter dismounted and carried the beautiful Vasilisa up the steps into the palace of the king and brought her before the king.  The king thanked him profusely and gave him much silver and much gold and raised his rank again amongst the nobles



Beginning of the demon and time for the descent


After a time the beautiful Vasilisa awoke, and when she awoke she saw that she was no longer at the shore near her boat, by the waters that she was want to ride upon and she began to sorrow, she began to weep, and she began to grieve. The king said, do not weep about this.   The preparation for our marriage are already underway. We will be married soon. There is no need to grieve or to weep. But Vasilisa would not stop weeping. She said she would not have the wedding. The way of her coming was wrong. She would not go through with it at all, at all. The king begged her, demanded the wedding, and so on, all the things that a king does, and finally she said,


I will get married under only one condition. That is, I must be married in the dress of mine that was made to be married in.   And that dress lies at the very bottom of the bottomless ocean under a large stone.   The beautiful Vasilisa said, and the only way I will allow for this dress to be gotten is for the one that brought me here to go and get it.  Only if that happens will I approach this matrimony.   The king of course called the young hunter and said a man that can find the feather and can find the whole bird. A man that can bring the whole bird can find a beautiful woman. A man that can find a beautiful woman can find the clothing appropriate for her to be married in. And that is the next thing that you must do. He told him about the stone and the bottom of the sea and the whole thing and said one thing more, if you should fail at this.   The horse said, what is the problem in all of this? And the young hunter said.   The first problem is that I am sure to die if I try to get to the very bottom of the ocean in its deepest place under the great stone that is there.   And the only way to get there, of course, is to ride there on the horse of power. If I am to retrieve the dress.  



The second problem is should I somehow survive that task, then I am simply assisting the king in marrying the beautiful Vasilisa when the fact is that I would marry her myself. That is the reason for my grieving, that is the reason for my weeping.   And the horse of power simply said, grieve not, weep no more, this is not the trouble. The trouble lies ahead. The trouble for the young hunter keeps getting bigger even if, he succeeds because then he is aiding something that he does not want. So the issue is not success and constant winning as it is in the culture at large, there is something else going on. With each completion of a task, with each show of power, there is a weeping, a cleansing, and a movement of the soul and a continued movement of the story.


And the horse of power said it is time for us to go and do this thing. And so the young hunter mounted the horse and they took off and rode through the forest after a short time or a long time or whatever time it took until they reached the shore by the great sea. And as they were going along the sea there the great horse of power noticed a large turtle moving along the shore in the sand.   The horse of power went directly to the turtle, put its hoof of iron on the back of the turtle and held it there on the shore. The old turtle said, give me life, don’t give me death. Ask what you will and I will do it. The horse of power said, we need for you to retrieve from beneath the great stone that lays in the deepest part of the ocean the garment of the beautiful Vasilisa.


The old turtle agreed. He gave a call out; the waters became agitated, the surface of the water turned from a blue to white, waves formed and in a short time or a long time turtles of all kind began to come out of the water. Crabs came out and lobsters came out as well. They came in hordes until they covered the shore so that you could not see the sand at all, at all. Then the old chief of those, the old turtle said, go now to the bottom of the sea, move the great stone, get from below that the wedding garment of Vasilisa and bring it up here. And all of those turtles and the lobsters and the crabs all went down.   After a short time, or a long time or whatever the time was that it took them to move the stone, they began to return and they brought up with a golden box and inside that box was the wedding gown of Vasilisa.   The box was given to the horse, the horse gave it to the young hunter, and the young hunter mounted the horse and took off. They headed back to the palace. The young hunter, holding in his arms the golden box that contained the wedding gown of Vasilisa.   What would he do now? What could he do? He had to think. He had no choice but to go forward.



He gave the golden box to the king.   The king then said to Vasilisa, it is time now to have the wedding. But Vasilisa would not allow it.  She said, I will not get married.   There will be no wedding unless a fire is built and a large cauldron put over the fire and water put in the cauldron and the fire heated until the fire turns red and then turns white.   Until the water in it is scalding hot and until he who has brought the golden box from the bottom of the sea is thrown into the cauldron.   Only after that happens will the wedding go forth.


The king had no difficulty with the plan and so great amounts of wood was brought forward. A fire was made. The cauldron was brought. Water was put in it. The fire was stoked and cared for until the flames were great and the great cauldron was heating up. At the same time everywhere else in the castle people were preparing for the wedding. The finest of foods were being prepared.   The most wondrous liquors were being. Brewed.   The hall was being decorated.   The musicians were tuning their instruments.   The poets were writing their poems of praise for those that would attend.   Everything was being made ready for the wedding.   The young hunter thought to himself, now I understand trouble.   And when he thought of that he thought of his horse who had been mentioning trouble to him all along. And when he thought of that he went to the king thinking in himself, I should have listened to that horse.   Why did I ever pick up that feather? If I had listened to the horse I would not know as much as I know about trouble and I would not be looking at the end of my life. He said to the king, shortly I will be boiled to death in the great cauldron. It is customary for a man about to die to ask for one thing. I wish to ask. The king said, fine. The young hunter said what I wish is one more chance to visit with my faithful horse. What are you thinking? The king saw no problem with this either.


And so the young hunter left the palace with his head down, his eyes searching the ground, weeping copious tears.  He went to the little horse there and said, well, I have found the trouble now.   My knowledge of fear is increasing and I just wish to thank you for all you have done for me and to say goodbye and to take my parting from you.   And the horse said what do you think he is going to say? Even the verses of the faithful change for the horse said, do not wait for them to come and throw you into that cauldron; rather, when it is ready do you run forward and leap into it yourself.   The young hunter went back in turning this over in his mind. On the one hand, this seemed a little foolish. There was the question of where you get buried after you dive into your own death. 

 Why would the horse give such information?   On the other hand, he had just being saying to himself, why did I not listen to the horse to begin with? He turned it over this way and that way and found himself back in the hall facing the cauldron. It was certainly ready. Without another thought he ran forward, he took the leap went right into the cauldron under the water, he disappeared and was not seen.   Then he surfaced, then he went below again, then he surfaced again, and then he went below, and the third time he lifted completely out of that cauldron and everyone who was there was completely amazed.   He was not only alive; he was more alive than before. He was more handsome than before.   His body gave off a glow; his eyes gave off a glow. Everyone was amazed.  

The king more than anyone was amazed what had happened and he thought to himself, if jumping into that cauldron could cause this to happen to the young hunter, imagine the effect on a king such as myself.   As he thought on it, he could not help himself. And so he ran forward, jumped into the cauldron himself and was not seen again until the fire died down and the water cooled off enough so that they could take the body out.   And then he was buried. 

Everywhere else in the great castle things was ready for a great wedding feast.   Why waste all the preparation?   In a short time after the appropriate rituals, the beautiful Vasilisa and the young hunter were married.   He became King of the realm; She became Queen of the realm.   They ruled in great accord.   The realm was fruitful.   The trees gave forth ninefold their usual bearing.   The herd animals gave forth milk in such quantities that the milk flowed forth on the ground and filled all the ditches and all the cavities of the earth.   Children were borne to everyone who wished to have children.   In short there was an abundance for everyone and things went on like that, or at least until their first argument.   The end of the story is a solution to the wasteland. The young hunter offers himself as a sacrifice, gives up Vasilisa, gives up his desire to be king, and even gives up his life so that abundance and beauty can flow through the land.  

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