Bibliography of some of the references used on this site

Bibliography of Some of the references used on this site (not an exhaustive list)



King, Warrior, Magician, Lover-   By    Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette

Harper San Francisco

ISBN 0-06-250606-4


The Sibling Society.   Robert Bly

Hamish Hamilton London (penguin group)

ISBN 0-241-13721-7

Roots of Renewal in Myth and Madness   John W. Perry.

The King within.  Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette

William Morrow and Co. Inc. New York.

ISBN   0-688-09591-7

Lord of the Four Quarters.  The Mythology of Kingship.     John Weir Perry

Paulist Press     ISBN 0-8091-3252-4.

Healing the family within.   By Robert Subby, M.A.

Health Communications     ISBN  1-55874-071-6

Healing the Shame that binds you.   By John Bradshaw.

Health Communications       ISBN   0-932194-86-9

The Family.  By John Bradshaw

Health communications   ISBN  0-932194-54-0

Shame and Guilt   Masters of disguise   By Jane Middelton  Moz.

Health Communications                ISBN       1-55874-072-4

Shame     The power of caring.                     By Gershen Kaufman

Schenkman Books Inc.                      ISBN  0-87047-007-8

Facing Shame.     By Fossum and Mason

W.W.Norton                                        ISBN  0-393-30581-3

The Grail Legend.     By Emma-Jung & Marie-Louise Von Franz

Sigo Press                               ISBN    0-938434-08-X

The Drama of Being a Child  by Alice Miller

Virago Press.       ISBN  0-86068-898-4

The Continuum Concept.  By Jean Liedloff

 Arkana Book                          ISBN 0-14-019245-x

The voice of Kahlil Gobran an anthology edited by Robin Waterfield

Penguin                                  ISBN 0-14-019506-8

Erick Neumann  ‘The Origins and History of Consciousness”    Princeton Bollingen press

 ISBN 0-691-01761-1 –

Erick Neumann   “The Great Mother”        Princeton Bollingen

ISBN  0-691-01780-8


The Grail seekers Companion.  By John Matthews & Marian Green   Aquarian press

ISBN  0-85030-478-4

“Jung and Steiner The birth of a new Psychology”  by Gerhard Wehr

Anthroposophic Press           ISBN 0-88010-496-1

Metaphysical Bible Dictionary    James Fillmore

By Unity School of Christianity Unity Village Mo.

Little Book of the Human Shadow. By Robert Bly

Harper  SanFrancisco     ISBN  0-06-25847-6

The Amber Spy Glass       by Phillip Pullman

Scholastic children’s books      ISBN    0-439-99358-X

“The Subtle Knife”

“Northern Lights”


The Woman with the alabaster jar

            Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail

By Margaret Starbird

Published by Bear & Company New Mexico  ISBN  1-879181-03-7

Others mentioned      The Mothers song

                                    Images of God the Mother

                                    By Meinard Craighead

Drugs, Addiction and Initiation.  The modern search for ritual.


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