Iron John Chapter 4, 5 and Chapter 6 The Bucketing of the pond and what binds the Wildman in the pond.

Chapter 4. The hunter and his dog go to the dark forest looking for adventure.

The Narrative says: “The Huntsman, therefore, betook himself with his dog to the forest. It was not long before the dog fell in with some game on the way, and wanted to pursue it, but hardly had the dog run two steps when it stood before a deep pool, could go no farther, and a naked arm stretched itself out of the water, seized it, and drew it under,”

A work hardly two steps away  This other world we speak about is that close but hardly had the dog run two steps when it stood before a deep pool, could go no farther,”  Just two steps away for a dog. Actually this other world shares the same space as we live in. It is an emotional and psychological space that permeates us all.


Chapter 5 and 6  The Iron John Story Bucketing of the pond and Iron Chains.

At the very end of the story, the narrative says:  And as they were sitting at the marriage-feast, the music suddenly stopped, the doors opened, and a stately King came in with a great retinue. He went up to the youth, embraced him, and said, “I am Iron John and was by enchantment a dark Magician, but thou hast set me free; all the treasures which I possess, shall be thy property.”

Bucketing of the pond and Iron Chains and Iron cage.

Who and Why is the Wildman bound to the bottom of the dirty pond and bound by what?

Who is this dark Magician who enchanted the Wildman into the dirty pond?  It is the shadow of our inherited status quo. Inherited because Mankind has been at this for a long time. In our own history, we have lost many civilisations.

  • Lumeria
  • Atlantis
  • Ancient Egyptian
  • Inca
  • Just to name a few.

In our History there were many civilisations that rose and fell again.

  • Ancient India
  • Mesopotamia
  • ancient Greek
  • Egyptian again
  • Greek
  • Roman
  • Right up to present day, many empires came and went

The shadows of these civilisations all bind the Wildman into the dirty pond and make some possibilities in life unavailable or taboo.

Shadows of our Western culture.

In the formation of Ego and acceptance into the status quo, the list below goes into Shadow “The long bag we drag behind us.”

An understanding of what Soul might carry.

  • Soul and sprit are in shadow. We are spiritual beings in an animal body.
  • Death and dying. Life only exists between birth and death
  • Absolute fear of death. Death is to be avoided at ALL
  • Any understanding of the incarnating process pre-birth to birth.
  • Soul A working understanding of child development into adulthood from a Soul’s point of view.
  • Conscious initiation. The Hero’s journey is an unconscious initiation
  • Any direct perception of the spiritual world, i.e. Dead people, Fairies, Nature spirits, Guides and sprit helpers, Direct revelation, the connection between all the inanimate objects on the planet.

There is a cliché that says “When we forget the lessons of the past we are doomed to repeat them.”

This forgetting means out of sight, out of mind, not believing in something only relegated it to Shadow, it goes in the bag, it does not cease to exist.

  • Species memory The human race has survives extinctions
  • Race memory (Human Race)
  • The geography of our planet as history ……and its cycles of death and renewal.
  • Ancestral memory.
  • Our group memory (Previous incarnations and the groups we incarnate with)
  • Reincarnation
  • And so on by no means an exhaustive list.

However, metaphor and stories such as Iron John can offer us the extra ordinary perspective we need. It is thejob of these traditional stories found on website to take us outside the cultural water we swim in, outside of linear time to the eternal. Where all these metaphors are always relevant.

Bucketing the pond.   Remember, in these stories’ thing need to happen in threes, at all three levels.

  • The Personal
  • The Social
  • The Collective.

The narrative says about the Bucketing: When the huntsman saw that he went back and fetched three men to come with buckets and bale out the water. When they could see to the bottom there lay a wild man whose body was brown like rusty iron, and whose hair hung over his face down to his knees. 

Some have likened the personal bucketing to the unveiling of personal shadow on the psychologist’s couch. Or at an MKP I group. A slow and potentially painful process. This bucketing is slow, a bucket at a time maybe the fastest we can go.

At the social level, this bucketing asks much more of us. Racism, and violence perpetrated on women, children and the planet. Big questions to which it seems there is endless talk about social and political solutions. Tinkering with the current system, trying to make the status quo better.

At the third level this bucketing is an acknowledgement of the tyranny of Ego over Soul. The imperialism of Ego and its conquest by colonisation of Soul.

When one has denied Soul every and any other atrocity is easy. Once we have done this violence to our own Soul, all other acts of violence are easy. The imperialism of Status quo demands complete obedience to the norms of the status quo. The imperialism of the Ego has totally colonised Soul in our being. As the old stories tell us Soul went to the land of nine times nine on the other side of never. “If you love me then come and find me there”

The chains that bound the Wildman.

The narrative says:They bound him with chains and led him away to the castle.

Well that’s all fine. What is the nature of these chains that can bind the Wildman? First to the dirty pond and then to the cage in the courtyard? We understand from writers like Terry Patchett that when gods are forgotten they disappear or regress to another level.

We create our reality by the theories, opinions, and beliefs we hold. All the rest is in shadow. This non-allowance of ideas holds the Wildman bound. Wildness and Soul are denigrated and belittled. There is definitely no room at the Inn of the status quo for these energies’ ideas and freedoms.

The old King, the status quo, the dirty pond, and the Wildman.

The old King. The Masculine principle of the status quo of the patriarchy. Patriarchy, as we understand it anyway, and that construct we call the status quo which I call the Castle Quo.

The old king, our temporal father, is looking after his subjects… us. Keeping his promise to keep everybody safe, except from a natural death. His unwritten promise to have absolute control over everything in the land except death. Even to serious medical interventions to delay death. Death by definition is an anathema to Ego. In the construct of the status quo, in our democracies as the exceptions appear, the old king is passing more and more laws to plug loopholes.

The Castle Quo as a house of cards. The fact that some creative people continue to find loopholes tells us the construct of the status quo is patchy at best. As Covid 19 swept the world it showed us that the artificial boundaries of man were just that an artificial construct.

The status quo asks us to give up our personal freedoms, so cherished in the promise of democracy, to empower the state to keep us safe. On this social contract, the ideal of democracy looks good on paper and so therefore we give up many of our rights. Like the right to carry arms in self-defence. We give that right to the states organ’s of policing which only pitch up after the event not while it is happening which is when we need protection. On the other hand, the police Force have become an arm of government and are now in a low-grade war with the people.

At the event of Covid. 19 in South Africa we collectively agreed to a whole host of restrictions, Now some parts of our society have to resort to the courts to get back some rights lost due to uneven the application of restrictions and some stupid anomalies. These anomalies are depriving citizens of reasonable freedoms and even the ability just to earn a living. People are starving here deprived of their ability to trade.


Police attesting street vendor Covid 19.

The status quo has overreached itself. The continued passing of new laws to close loopholes in the existing laws.











Story Continued in Chapter 7.

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