Iron John Chapter index and Bones

Iron John Chapter Headings and bones.

These are the details or bones of this story and could form the basis of a storyboard. How do you remember these stories I’m often asked. Well, I have the Bones of each detail in my head, each one has its own picture like a storyboard, I simply describe what’s in the picture and link them all together. In this sense a picture is worth a thousand words.

The cast of characters and the geography of the story are also in each picture. Characters, setting (geography), and narrative make up each picture on the storyboard. Of course, it helps if you understand the story or at least come to your own understanding of the story your telling.

Yes, geography in the story are characters. In a very literal sense, they tell us where in the psyche the story is taking place

OR. You can just tell the story and enjoy that.

I do these bones for storytellers who might want to know the details in a story. These Details are subjective so these are what I see which may not be how anybody else sees them. I am interested in Rite of passage work and shadow work for the Ego and Soul retrieval so I unpack the stories from that point of view. 

To go directly to a Chapter click on Chapter ##.  Enjoy.

Directory of Chapters.

Chapter 000.          A video of the whole of the Iron John Story as a rite of passage story told by Sam Sleeman.

Chapter  00.           Before we begin the story, about stories in general.  

Chapter  001.           What is Soul? Towards an understanding of Soul

Chapter  002.          The Iron John story viewed as a whole.

Chapter  003.         What is Ego? Towards an understanding of Ego. How Ego is formed and its job description? OR “Down the rabbit hole with Alice”

Chapter  004         The Narrative: The first half.  Once upon a time, there was a King……TO  “You know a lot about gold but nothing about poverty you must leave me now.”

Chapter  005          The Narrative:  The Second half. The road less traveled……TO  “and they lived happily ever after”

Chapter 004 and 005  Audio file, the narrative of the story right through.

Chapter 006           Shadow. Towards an understanding of Shadow.  How and why is it formed? 

Chapter 008           What the beginning of the Iron John story tells us about the current state of the Axis Mundi. The tree of life.  Also a sin by omission not yet written.

Chapter 009           A bit about initiation, rites vs rights of passage. Why this is important for us anyway.

Chapter  010            Kings and Kinship.

The beginning of the Iron John story the first part till the Golden Pond.

Chapter  01.           The hunger for something wild. The king sends out hunters, A Hawk and an Eagle flew over it.

Chapter  02.          The arrival of the adventurer. The Call to adventure the Hero’s journey begins. Meeting the Boy.

Chapter  03.          The Adventure, the Boy, and the dog. The conspiratorial wink.

Chapter  04, 05, 06. Finding the wild man. Bucketing the pond. What binds the Wildman to the pond.

Chapter  07.           Chaining the Wildman. The Iron Cage. The Queen & the Key.

Chapter   08.         Three Days at the cage. Loss of the Golden Ball.

Chapter   09.         Stealing the Key. An act of rebellion.

Chapter   10.        Opening the cage. Skin in the game.

Chapter   11.         Arriving at the Golden Pond, Finding our medicine, finding our own gold, learning about the Pond itself.

Chapter  12          Finding the Gold in our hands. “When a finger turns to Gold”

Chapter 13         A single hair turns to Gold lesson two for us in our Kingship.

Chapter 14         A whole head of hair turned to Gold. Coming to stand in our Golden Kingship. The devil’s sooty brother’s story. Don’t show your Gold to the false Innkeeper. With Audio file.

Chapter 15         Mentoring moments in the Iron John story. FRAP-ing and LAAMB-ing.

                             The end of the first book.

                             The second book of Iron John.

Chapter  005          The Narrative:  The Second half. The road less traveled……TO  “and they lived happily ever after”

Chapter 16.         The road less traveled and adventures there (poem 50 men) 

Chapter 18         Kitchen work, a time of ashes. Our first, visit to the King’s chamber, Hiding your gold.

Chapter 19         Finding work in the secret garden. Wildflowers, not showing your gold.

Chapter 19        Meeting the “Girl who loves gold” Hiding your golden hair.

Chapter 20       Attack on the Kingdom 3 days of war. Hiding your gold.

Chapter 20.      Celebrating victory three days of games the wound of the soldiers, the head gardener’s revelation, Ivan reveals himself.

Chapter 21.       The ending. The wedding, the mystical marriage. With Audio file.

Chapter 22.      The wedding gift.

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