2nd Call to staff NWTA 69 September 12th till 15th 2019

2nd call to staff for NWTA 69.

“The call to adventure  A second chance at life“

A second chance.

 A second chance at what? at yesterday, it’s called tomorrow.

Thursday 12th September till Sunday 15th September 2019 @ Goodland.

This month is Youth month. Youth day we celebrate on June 16th. I was trying to remember where I was on June the 16th 1976  Do you remember where you on June 16th 1976  How did you hear about what happened.  I heard on the radio and later in the Rand daily mail, I think. I had no idea that history and our South African story had Just been rewritten. Rewritten not by politicians, though they played their part, not by academics, not by the current heroes of the day, not by the experts of the day, but by the youth of the day, who became the heroes of the day.

The youth did what they are best at, showing up the hypocrisy of the time, laying bare the shadows. The Youth of that day gave us a second chance to rethink, to reset the course. While nothing changed immediately, everything changed that day. The giants were on the beanstalk, chasing Jacks and were seen by everybody, there was no hiding now.

Today the same Giants are running around using their size and loud voice in an attempt to intimidate, to accept the Status Quo, their Status Quo. However, when disillusion sets in and men cast about for an alternative The Mankind Project is there to offer such an alternate voice. It takes courage even to question the Status Quo. To even question is seen as an act of rebellion.

Its Father’s day on Sunday the 16th of June. (Ironic yes) Fathers Fathering and men seem to me (IMO)to be under attack for just being men. So to all the Fathers reading this, Thank you for your give way, for your sacrifice, for dreams deferred while children grow up, for school fees, bond payments, food and clothing. All of these are the expressions of love by men for their families. These sacrifices are often not seen as that but rather an expression of ego. Bless the Father who constantly does what necessary to keep his job, to stay afloat financially, to keep home and family together. Bless you Fathers.

How did we collectively get here? James Hillman expresses it like this.


What happens to the sons? What happens to the world when the above energies are missing?

The missing father is not your or my personal father.   He is the absent father of our culture, the viable senex (old man)who provides not daily bread but spirit through meaning and order.   The missing father is the dead god who offered a focus for spiritual things.   Without this focus, we turn to dreams and oracles, rather than to prayer, code, tradition, and ritual.   When mother replaces father, magic substitutes for logos, and son-priests contaminate the pure spirit.

Unable to go backward to revive the dead father of tradition, we go downward into the mothers of the collective unconscious, seeking an all-embracing comprehension.   We ask for help in getting through the narrow straits without harm; the son wants invulnerability.   Grant us protection, foreknowledge; cherish us.   Our prayer is to the night for a dream, to a love for understanding, to a little rite or exercise for a moment of wisdom.   Above all we want assurance through a vision beforehand that it will all come out all right.

Without the father we lose also that capacity which the Church recognised as “discrimination of the spirits”:   The ability to know a call when we hear one and to discriminate between the voices.

The mother encourages her son: go ahead, embrace it all.   For her, all equals everything.   The father’s instruction, on the contrary, is: all equals nothing – unless the all be precisely discriminated.

James Hillman The Rag & bone shop of the heart.

In three paragraphs he sums up the workings of the Axis Mundi above and below described so archetypically. Which just leaves us, standing in the middle, the direction of within.

Most of all Stand in the center of our very own Axis Mundi, be sovereign of all we survey, hold the center between above and below and let the divine energies flow through us out into the world, find expression for the gifts that we brought into the world. Make the world of mankind a safer place.

In case you forgot what all of this is for: 2nd call to staff NWTA 69


Thursday 12th September till Sunday 15th September 2019 @ Goodland.

If you give a hoot read on.

To Apply to staff follow the links below

Follow these 2 Steps to Apply:

  1. Go to https://mkpconnect.org sign in and click the “Apply to Staff on NWTA” button on the right-hand side, scroll down to Johannesburg and click APPLY complete the application or use the direct URL link
  2. https://mkpconnect.org/civicrm/event/register?reset=1&id=53222
  3. Complete medical indemnity and financial commitmentonline form. or go to direct URL link http://www.mankindproject.co.za/documents/staffman-registration/
  1. Financial assistance request’ application form available here or direct URL link http://mankindproject.co.za/documents/staffmen-financial-assistance-form/
  2. Pay your staffing fee R750   (additional payments welcome if you choose to donate towards other men’s fees) – Use name-surname-S69  in your bank reference

Your application will only be considered if both step 1 and 2 have been completed

NOTE: In order to staff you need to have:

Completed a Primary Integration Training. (PIT)

Be actively involved in an I-Group or equivalent work.

Completed (ST1) prior to staffing a 5th time.

Be in integrity with MKPSA financial commitments.


By Applying to Staff you are agreeing to be accountable for the following commitments:

Submitting your Staff Fee (R750.00) or complete and submit a financial assistance form

Please note we do not have funds for staff bursaries, we ask that staff men who feel they can afford it, pay extra to fund those who benefit from a waiver or part funding. The actual cost per man is R700.00 for the weekend. Food, accommodation and materials.

Participate in all the Staff Meetings leading up to NWTA 69

Connect with your assigned Mentor(s) regarding your role(s) on the weekend.

Read and/or respond to announcements, logistics, and information distributed on the Staff email and WhatsApp list

Read new Protocols (Google Drive link) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q5RszVmYnFMT2o2gnSxg63QQDaDtgLoG?usp=sharing

Be on-site by the arrival deadline 4:00pm on Thursday,12th September 2019

Commit to be on site until clean-up is completed on Sunday 15th everybody leaves together (unless you have a plane to catch)

All local staff agree to attend the Homecoming Ceremony Celebration on Tuesday 17th September 2019 or give advance notice to the Weekend Coordinator that you will not be able to attend.

Please note the following dates in your diary: 


Calendar NWTA 69

Calendar NWTA 69. Thursday 12th September 2019 till Sunday 15th September at Goodland Cullinan.

Staff applications open……          Now

Staff applications close               21st July

Staff selection and blessing         Monday 22nd July at 23 Diaz Av. Edenvale – Sam’s house.

Outline cord. Meeting                 Thursday 25th July. Venue to be advised.

Staff announcements                   25th July latest.

6 week out at Foundation Clinic Thursday 1st August at 6 for6:30. dress warmly.

2 week out at Foundation Clinic Thursday 29th August at 6 for 6:30 dress warmly

Home-coming ceremony             Tuesday 17th Sept. Delta park at 6:30pm for guests; 6pm for new                                                     brothers.


Regards Sam Sleeman Weekend Coordinator. NWTA 69 14/6/2019


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