News letter 26th July

Wow, another week. My daughter’s Birthday today. Happy birthday, Ananda.  So chapter 11 is up of the Iron John story. Chapter 12 How we turn our fingers into Gold, taking shape. We are now at the Golden Pond where magical things happen.

My health is much improved, I’m firing on all cylinders and am feeling great.

We have worked through the Pin or the Maiden Tzar story, Absent fathers, stepmother, false tutors, loss of Soul, three witches, firebird swans and eggs. Notes on these teams on the website under the story section.

In this time of COVID what practical use are storytellers? Stories can restore us to our center, They allow us to step outside of time and connect with the eternal, allows us a different perspective. They don’t change the outer world but they can change our reaction (re-act) to them. Enjoy and be safe. Love and Hugs Sam.

Story lounge.  In our lounge from people come and go, pop in to say hi, some stay, some go. Deep truths can be spoken there and some lies. Our Zoom meeting is like that, come and join us for a deep drink at the well of Soul.

See you on zoom every Thursday night 7 pm South African time.(GMT+2hours) Password iron Zoom code 825 2104 3512  Password Iron. all welcome.  We may recap the Pin story we may start the frog bride story we will see what’s up for discussion on the evening.  Come and Join us.

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