Newsletter 13th September 2020

Newsletter 13th September 2020

What’s new. Comments are finally working feel free to leave a comment on any post.
What’s old?

Please note Thursday evening are taking a break till Thursday the 1st of October.
In the meantime, I am still getting ready for audio files. The idea is that the Chapters of the stories will have an audio file for those who don’t have time to read long posts. I hope there will be Audio files for the stories, poems, and the chapter commentary on the stories. That is my long term plan anyway.
I am still editing the Chapter on Shadow. It became more involved than I originally thought as usual. However, we are still down the rabbit hole, maybe posting next week. I did create several diagrams of the Psyche of the relationship between Ego and Shadow. I have posted one of them below. Hopefully, it will be a PowerPoint presentation Moving from Image 1 to 9
Spring is in the air heralding new beginnings.

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