Newsletter 20th September 2020

Newsletter 20th September 2020
What’s new. The long-fought with Chapter “Towards an understanding of Shadow is up on the site:
I thought writing that chapter would be easy? It turns out the rabbit hole is much deeper than I imagined. So here it is for all its shortfalls.
In two weeks’ time, we begin a new series of zoom meetings on the Iron John Story.  The program will look something like this:-
First Night. The story right through and general discussion. Especially the final chapter
Then through the chapter on by one unpacking what’s in each and making connections to our lives and the world around us.
This should end just before Christmas.
Lockdown level 1!!
What’s old?
Please note Thursday evening are taking a break till Thursday the 1st of October.
In the meantime, I am still getting ready for audio files. The idea is that the Chapters of the stories will have an audio file for those who don’t have time to read long posts. I hope there will be Audio files for the stories, poems, and the chapter commentary on the stories. That is my long term plan anyway. Still is but there is some reluctance on my part I”m not sure why.
I have finished editing the Chapter on Shadow. It became more involved than I originally thought as usual. However, we are still down the rabbit hole,  posted today. I did create several diagrams of the Psyche of the relationship between Ego and Shadow. I have posted one of them below. Hopefully, it will be a PowerPoint presentation Moving from Image 1 to 9
Spring is in the air heralding new beginnings.

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