Newsletter from the edge. 27 6 20

I can’t believe almost a week has passed since the last newsletter. Not a long time though much has happened in the world of stories.  On Thursday at 7 pm South African time, we Zoomed. however, there was some difficulty with connectivity so I’m sorry if you were unable to connect. My cell No. (maybe mobile No. to you) is +27 73-602-3376 my email address is

The Thursday night (my time) is a reoccurring slot. Thanks to Josh (MKP JHB) for organizing this despite his busy work schedule.

We are exploring the Russian story called the “Maiden Tszar or the pin”. We only just dipped our toes in that lake as yet. This is an extremely important story for our time as it holds the key to the wave of violence in my country. Especially violence against women and children, and the vulnerable of all sorts. I will put out a separate newsletter on this, maybe even this weekend, ready for Monday. Monday is Newsletter day.

A big thank you to Carlos. The designer of the site for getting the newsletter section to work. Many workarounds with our service provider not to block it as spam. Also, Carlos has helped tremendously moving toward Audio file and or podcast that can be heard off your mobile. Not yet working though.

If you like the design of the website Carlos is your man. The content though is all mine.

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