Newsletter Post for November 2020

A new round of story evenings on Iron John, the story of a lifetime. Come and join us.

Audio. The narrative of the whole Iron John story

The Chapter on rites of passage and Initiation is up on the website, should be attached here also.
1st audio file is posted in the Poetry section.
The Chapter on Shadow is up here is the link. 

The First Night, we told the story right through and general discussion. Especially in the final chapter. As we discover where the story ends it will give us a better feel of the process the story describes.
2nd night. Q&A from the first night. And the mystical wedding at the end of the story.

What we actually did. The Mystical Marriage, three days at the pond with axis Mundi.
The opening lines of the story and what it tells about our life in the status quo, loss of Soul, and the Axis Mundi. 

In the following weeks, we will go through the chapter on by one unpacking what’s in each and making connections to our lives and the world around us.
This should end just before Christmas.
Remember all the Chapters of the first half of the story are on the website. follow the link and click on the Chapter numbers to go to each Chapter.
Story lounge.  In our lounge from people come and go, pop in to say hi, some stay, some go. Deep truths can be spoken there and some lies. Our Zoom meeting is like that, come and join us for a deep drink at the well of Soul. Come and go as you have to.
See you on zoom every Thursday night at 7 pm South African time. (GMT+2hours) Password iron Zoom code 825 2104 3512  Password Iron. all welcome.  
Spring is in the air heralding new beginnings. The Bishops have their new ecclesiastical plumage, the mousebirds have young ones already. The Piet-mey-frou was heard last week and found a mate almost immediately.

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