Off with the Rats head. Bones Chapter 01.

I have created this for storytellers, how to penetrate a story to tease out its possible meanings. I have two thoughts about doing this. Maybe,  I’m giving too much away making it too easy. Part of the process of understanding is the time it takes to make connections and seeing them in your own life and world. However, as an elder, I also want to build bridges and make connections across the worlds. We live in an increasingly material, mechanistic world, the concept of metaphor and its application is becoming increasingly difficult. So here are the bones and list of characters.  Blessings on your storytelling.

Cast of Characters:

The Boy

The Father

The Rat

The King/Chief

The priests

The Priests sons

The green place

The War Horse

The Slavegirls

The Watchmen

The Mother


Father and son hunting


No tracks

Throwing the Rat away.

Killing Rat

Leaving Rat

Anger of Father

Blow of Father

Rejection of everything of the Family

Journey by a new path

Village –No watchmen only King awake

Proposal by King

Acceptance by boy

Acceptance by mother

Acceptance by village

Tests of priests


Priest’s sons

The killing of war horse

The killing of slave Girls

Acceptance by Priests

Boy becomes air to the throne

Waking up of Father

The search of Father for Boy

Asking three times for boy to return home

Three answers by king

Decision at the green place

Dilemma What to do and why.

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