Running from Demons

Terry Brooks   Running with the Demon.

Ballantine Books   ISBN No.  0-345-37962-4

Page 96 9(Hard cover)

Two Bears   “What happen to my people can happen to yours as well”

“What if I told you it was happening now?’…….


“All people think they are forever.     They do not think they will ever not be.   We were like that.  We did not think we could be eradiated.  You believe this of yourselves. That you will survive forever.   Nothing can destroy you, could wipe you from the earth and from history so completely that all will remain is you name and not even that will be known with certainty. Such faith have you in your invulnerability.”


“Yet already your destruction begins.  It comes upon you gradually, in little ways.  Bit by bit you belief in yourselves erodes.  A growing cynicism pervades your lives.  Small acts of kindness and charity are abandoned as pointless and some how indicative of weakness.

Little failures of behavior leads to bigger ones.  It is not enough to ignore the discourtesies of others; discourtesies must be repaid in kind.  Men are intolerant and judgmental. They are with out grace.  If one man proclaims that God has spoken to him, another quickly proclaims that his God is false.  If the homeless cannot find shelter, then surely they are to blame for their condition.  If the poor do not have jobs, then surely it is because they will not work.  If sickness downs those whose lifestyle differs from our own, then surely they have brought it on them selves.”


“Look at your people, you abandon your old, your shun you sick, you cast off your children, you decry any who are different. They commit acts of unfaithfulness, betrayal and depravity every day.  They foster lies that undermine beliefs.  Each small pettiness and greed breeds others.  A sense of futility consumes them.  They feel helpless to effect even the smallest change.  Their madness is of their own making, and yet they are powerless against it because they refuse to acknowledge its source.  They are at war with themselves, but they do not understand the nature of the battle being fought.


Do even a handful of believe that life is better now than twenty years ago?  Do they believe that the dark things that inhabit it are less threatening?  Do they feel safer in their homes and cities.  Do they find honor and compassion outweigh greed, deceit and disdain.   Can you tell me that you do not fear for them.


We do not always recognize the thing that comes to destroy us

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