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“To cast a spell is simply to spell, to manipulate words, to change peoples consciousness, and this is why I believe that an artist or writer is the closest thing in the contemporary world to a shaman.”  Alan Moore

Sam is a Shamanic storyteller, using story for the purpose of soul retrieval for the troubled souls of Johannesburg. A good story whether a film, a play or any of the other seven arts. A good story takes the Ego on a Hero’s journey to other fantastical worlds outside of time, where conversation with Soul can take place. When Sam is not working in the field of engineering Sam is an internationally renowned shamanic storyteller. Sam has drawn his expertise from a lifetime of working with myth, social anthropology, Jungian studies, Philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, Spinoza, Maurice Nichol, Joseph Campbell, Robert Bly, Michael Meade, James Hillman, Robert Moor, Rumi, Coleman Barks, David White, Marion Woodman, Bruno Bettelheim, Alice Miller, David Lang, Stan Groff, Pam Roux, my wife, and my four children, who taught me “The way of the householder” as laid out Paramahansa Yogananda book the Autobiography of a Yogi.  And,  why I created this site. 

Mentors in the other world are a little more difficult to mention as they are known by their function rather than by names,  They have enabled Sam to fulfill his purpose and mission in this life.

Sam has come to the understanding that the stories and myths that we love to tell our children can be in fact blueprints and reminders for our own psychological well being and give us a metaphorical pathway to the goal of our visit on earth, called the “The Mystical Marriage”  the marriage between Soul and Ego. It is the Ego that goes on the heroic quest to heal the wasteland that many of our personal lives have become, but to do that the Ego has to cross the boundaries of time to the other eternal world. How do you get from here to the land of nine times nine on the other side of never, to get the magic elixir? Well in a good story of course.

The path of the Shaman. is to build bridges between this world and the next. The old meaning of the English word Weird. is to have a foot in both worlds. The Shamanic way is to create wholeness by reconnecting with the divine world, by building a bridge between the two worlds. Sam uses stories and “Rite of passage” work to attempt this. 

The use of the Drum.    Sam uses a simple chaotic rhythm on a medicine drum while telling a story to speed his audience on their way to the other worlds, worlds outside time. During the story the room and each other disappear as we enter the timeless land at the very center of our own being, it’s a little vacation from the punishment and demands of time in this world, and of course the status quo. The use of the drum allows the audience to move from nonordinary reality to this world at will during the story, when the drum stops we are back in the room and we can discuss what the story means to us, when the drum is playing we are immediately back in that other magical world. Shamans throughout the world Journey to other realities through drumming and chanting for healing, soul retrieval and visiting akashic records as may be necessary. They also Journeyed to see where the game is and to see what was going on around the community. The drumbeat is the golden thread that Ariadne offered us to find our way back and forth between worlds.

At the end of a good storytelling there is a healing moment: In that moment of silence, the whole audience is still connected to the eternal, the axis-Mundi of all worlds. At that moment our Mask is off, as we don’t need it, indeed it is off because that earthy construct the persona cannot travel to the other world. In this moment healing can take place each according to their need and their willingness to accept healing from the source. It is hard for us to hold this silence, it is uncomfortable as we are not used to the intensity of being just present, so somebody laughs coughs, or makes a comment. As soon as that happens we all check our masks, look at each other to confirm the mask is well and truly on. The healing moment is gone and we are all back in the room.

The other work of a shaman is soul retrieval, in the incarnating process soul can get damaged, lost, and shattered, and separated from the Ego. To make a person whole those missing pieces must be invited back home and welcomed, reunited with Ego. This is the work of the second half of life after identity has been created, though it can happen at any time depending on the individual and what they brought with them into this life.

As seen in this image we will be in need of an animal guide in the next world to assist the process after asking permission.


Definition of weird.Weird.  






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