The Devils Sooty Brother. Chapter index and story Bones

These are the details or bones of this story and could form the basis of a storyboard. How do you remember these stories I’m often asked. Well, I have the Bones of each detail in my head, each one has its own picture like a storyboard, I simply describe what’s in the picture and link them all together. In this sense a picture is worth a thousand words.

The cast of characters and the geography of the story are also in each picture. Characters, setting (geography), and narrative make up each picture on the storyboard. Of course, it helps if you understand the story or at least come to your own understanding of the story your telling.

Yes, geography in the story are characters. In a very literal sense, they tell us where in the psyche is taking place

OR.You can just tell the story and enjoy that.

Hi. I do these bones for storytellers who might want to know the details in a story. These Details are subjective so these are what I see which may not be how anybody else sees them. I am interested in Rite of passage work and shadow work for the Ego and Soul retrieval so I unpack the stories from that point of view. 

To go directly to a Chapter click on Chapter ##.  Enjoy.

Directory of Chapters.

Chapter  1      The Devils Sooty Brother Narrative.

Chapter  2      The Devils Sooty Brother. Don’t show your Gold to early.

Chapter  3      The

Chapter 4       The

Into the forest
coming home from war,
“What Ails you?” you look so sorrowful,
The devil, hell and shadow,
The Devils terms and conditions,
The loss of the Golden Ball.
Lifting the lids of the pots,
Keeping the firers going under the Cauldrens.
Shadow work,
End of the contract, returning to this world unwashed, unkempt and dirty,
Who are you? I am the Devil’s sooty brother and he is my king also,
Collecting your wages,
When wood chips turn to gold,
The false Innkeeper,
Returning to Shadow, the underworld, for more wood chips,
Being cared for by shadow,
Return to the overworld,
Playing the Violin,
Marring the Kings youngest daughter,
The older Daughters rejection,



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