The Half Giantess Bones and Chapter index

These are the details or bones of this story and could form the basis of a storyboard. How do you remember these stories I’m often asked. Well, I have the Bones of each detail in my head, each one has its own picture like a storyboard, I simply describe what’s in the picture and link them all together. In this sense a picture is worth a thousand words.

The cast of characters and the geography of the story are also in each picture. Characters, setting (geography), and narrative make up each picture on the storyboard. Of course, it helps if you understand the story or at least come to your own understanding of the story your telling.

Yes, geography in the story are characters. In a very literal sense, they tell us where in the psyche the story is taking place


You can just tell the story and enjoy that.


Chapter  01   The Narrative.

Chapter    1   The Parents house.

Chapter   2   The Dog and the spear.

Chapter   3   The Lake of tears

Chapter   4   At the lakeside

Chapter   5   The preparing dinner

Chapter   6   The Dressing for dinner and the trip home.

The cast of characters:






Cooking pot

Fields of corn

Fields of wheat

Fields of Barley

Cows, sheep, goats


Giantess Home

The half Giantess



Parents away

Magical escape from parent’s house

Pouring through a hole n wall

The sudden appearance of Dog

The sudden appearance of Spear

The sudden appearance of Hat

No footprints

Drinking water

Offering dog water

Drinking of bitter waters

Warning of dog


The sudden appearance of the cooking pot.

Drinking everything

Weeping and wailing


Hiding again

Giantess dressing for dinner

Eating from Giant’s pot

Giant eating

Weeping and wailing



Keeping Secrets. 

Some times what is missing in the story tells us a lot about the story.

What is missing in this story?

The positive Father image

The old Male Initiator/ mentor is missing

Parents are missing

Teachers are missing

Family are missing

Grandparents are missing

Siblings are missing

Peers are missing

Community is missing


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