The Hero’s Journey – A Storytelling workshop

The Hero’s Journey: A Storytelling workshop

“People say that what we all seek is a meaning of life. I don’t think that’s what we really seek. I think that what we really seek is an experience of being alive, so that our life experience on the purely physical plane will have resonance with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive”

By Joseph Campbell.

As we advance into the new Millennium, we move into an age where business presents greater challenges than ever before, with new demands and expectations being imposed by an ever increasing array of consumers. The global village is fast becoming a reality.

In order to stay ahead of the competition Corporate leaders are rapidly realising that beyond the product or service on offer, there is a dire need to develop a workforce that is confident, efficient and most of all happy.

To be technologically literate does not automatically make us emotionally literate, to be emotionally literate frees our creativity.

Our technical ability to communicate without any personal or physical contact has left us emotionally starved. The results of this emotional starvation are reflected in our newspapers world-wide every day. We are becoming dehumanised

The cost of ignoring the human factor.

As social beings we have created great stress for ourselves with our quest for security and high walls. Making us safe has separated us from each other and from the community that used to support us. Human factors such as internal politics, competitive sabotage, health, emotional and personal issues, are real and consistent barriers that cripple our productivity and our ability to meet consumer demands.

Responsibility and self- discipline.

To operate in this de-humanised environment ideally we need people with exceptional levels of self-discipline and responsibility. The majority of these problems in the world have an inner facet and a common root the individual’s low self-esteem!

What to do? what to do? what to do?”

These workshops are dedicated to the empowerment of the individual through the heightening and nurturing of the individual self-esteem.

In recognising that the increased demands now being placed on the individual in the work place is leaving less time to deal with problems at home, “The Hero’s Journey” provides real and sustainable solutions in the work place, whilst integrating the home and family units in their relationships.

What will this mean for you?

There lives within every human being a hero. By finding our own Hero and our own heroic path we discover the unique gifts we have to offer our colleagues. This recognition of our uniqueness frees us from the need to compete for position, power, prestige and acceptance and instead allows to add value to other people’s lives around us. This automatically brings with it increased self-discipline and willingness to accept responsibility. In the workplace this translates into creativity, responsibility, leadership and a genuine caring for others. Which leads to a huge increase in productivity in the work place.

These workshops provide a reality that transcends time and technological change.

“The Hero’s Journey” workshop allows us to travel the hero’s path for ourselves, revealing not only the sneaky and skillkful demons that constantly sabotage us thereby preventing us from realising our full potential, but also our own personal quest.

The workshop provide a unique opportunity to guide the individual through a process of stepping out of our personal intellectual space. Every person exposed to this process will discover a new , real relationship with their fellows and bring to each one to an understanding of their talents, strengths and indeed, their unique role in life and society.

Transform yourself by uncovering the positive empowering messages of your lives

We spend a huge amount of time and energy avoiding our inner demons, because we fear they will annihilate us if we set them loose. However the Hero’s task is not to kill the demon. Rather it is to find acceptance of the demon and to incorporate its awesome power into our every day consciousness thereby making us the power filled being we truly are.


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