The Lizard in the Fire. A story of cleaving to our spouse.





The beginning of the Lizard in the fire story. Poem by Fredrick Holderian, “Oh friends we arrived too late”.

The whole narrative of “The Lizard in the fire ” story

The implications of the question asked. The life and the death of the Lizard and the consequences that flow


Some thoughts on the Wilderness sometimes called the enormous forest a symbol for the “Great Self” where we can go to find answers. The importance of community in Rituals of maturity and Rites of passage.

The story journey and how the story works within us over time. The Death of the boy after making love to the girl, his soul. How many people in the wedding car after the ceremony. Our Soul is eternal.



What has to die the cement this relationship, what it means to clever to your spouse in the Biblical sense. The fire of the community and the witnessing of the lizard’s death. Why the lizard has to die and what is the gift of the lizard’s sacrifice. 


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