The Lizard in the Fire Chapter 02 The Wildman version.

The Lizard in the Fire The Wildman version from Frank boys to men Colorado.

The narrative:

One in a time before time was strapped to the wrist of all people. There was a village, not unlike this one. In this village, there was a hunter who had a son. The son came to the age of instruction, so the father took him into the forest and began to teach him the ways of the forest.

This took as long as it took, for easily a tale is spun but with less speed, a deed is done. It came time for the son to live in the forest on his own depending on his skills alone. As the father prepared to leave his son and return to the village he said “If you see the Wildman stay away from him. Because running with him means you will die” Then the father left.

The son lived for many days, no one knows how long. Depending on his own skill and resources until one day he found the sign of a strange animal. It was one his father had never taught him. He tracked it to a watering hole and found her a Wildman. He crouched at the water’s edge with long tangled hair all over his body. The Wildman saw the boy and said, “Run with me boy” “We can run all day you and I”. The boy replied, “you are the wild man my father spoke of, saying that if I run with you, I will die”. Well, that could be so” said the Wildman “It’s your decision” The boy decided to run with the Wildman and so they did.  But it wasn’t long before the boy died.

When the father found out he wept and the boy’s mother also. The Wildman did no crying, instead, he went to the old woman forest and brought her to the village along with a Lizard.  There the old woman lights a huge fire and the villagers all gathered around including the mother and the father carrying their dead son.

Then the Crone took the lizard and threw it into the fire and spoke. “If someone brave enough to retrieve the lizard the boy will come back to life.

The father stepped forward and tried to enter the flames to retrieve the Lizard, but the heat was too much, and he was pushed back. The mother did the same. No one else in the village tried.

Then the Wildman stepped up saying. “This is the fire I am made of—this fire is in me”. The Wildman leapt into the fire grabbed the Lizard and leapt out again.

The Lizard was still intact, the boy came back to life and stood beside the fire in front of the Crone.

The Crone then says to the boy (us)  “You have a choice to make, if you cast the Lizard into the fire and leave it to burn, the Wildman will live, but you will have to leave this village and never see your father and mother again.

or take this Lizard and carry it with you for the rest of your life as the Wildman but the one who saved you will die.

The Crone gives the Lizard to the boy. “It’s time to decide”.

What would you do?

Continued in Chapter 03   The time of instruction.


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