The Maiden Czar Chapter 02


The Maiden Czar; This story carries us into a realm the enables us to see the effect of the absent father on the developing Ego (Ivan), the glamourous stepmother,(the female captured by the status quo) the false tutor,(the status quo). the capture of the tutor by the promises of the status quo. The Soul in the form of Vasilisa, The quest of Soul for Ego. At the loss of Soul and the Ego’s heroic quest to find  Soul. The first major test for Ego. Ego’s Meeting the great Mother in her three aspects. The Firebird of imagination the mind of Ego calling out for what it wants. The crone and aspect of the Great Mother close to Soul and her relationship with Ego. Her own male aspects. Three tests for Ego, to allow Ego to transform and to  be ready to aspect Soul wholeheartedly. Finally the reunion of Soul and the readied Ego. The Mystical Marriage. 

The three aspects of the Great Mother as met by Ivan in his search for Vasilisa the beautiful (His Soul)


The Great Mothers as Baba Yaga from the dark forest. Who Ivan meets first.

This is a story for our time but beyond our cultural understanding. Our psychic understanding of The Great Mother has regressed over time from the magnificent energy that she holds for something very scary for firstly men, then children, and finally women. This regression is not that She (the Great Mother) has regressed but rather our understanding and acceptance has regressed over time as our cultures moved from the sacred to the profane.

The Great Mother is not something we understand outside nature. In nature, we recognize her power to create and destroy. However, we do not recognize her in our psychology or our psychic history as depicted in either of the two images below. She (The great mother) is absent in our understanding of the two orientations in human relationships between the Feminine and the Masculine and as we step down in the hierarchy between male and female.

This old Russian story still carries all of this knowledge, it’s really easy to overlook the Great Mother, and missing Her out changes the impact and the meaning of the initiation and the rite of passage contained in the story.  More to follow in the future.


In this image, she hides from our consciousness. The endless cycle of the seasons are ground up and recycled, her broom covers her tracks so we rarely see her.













As Shiva from the Hindu tradition can take many forms, the image of death is only one aspect of her expressions. 

Shiva (An aspect of the Great Mother in her destroyer and murderous aspect)















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