The Maiden Czar or the Pin Chapter 01

The pin Or the maiden Czar

Cast of Characters: 

            Ivan Young man our Hero.

             His Father


            The Pin

            The Tutor

            Vasilisa.  The maiden Tzar

            29 women attendants

            3 Witches three aspects of the Great Mother


            The Crone.


Details:                  Dead Mother

                                Absent father.

                                Hiring a tutor to teach Ivan fishing.

                                Stepmother’s desire for Ivan.

                                Bribe for Ivan from the stepmother.

                                Ivan’s refusal.

                                On the lake fishing.

                                A disturbance on the horizon.

                                The arrival of golden-haired woman & 29 silver boats.

                                Marriage promise of love and marriage.

                                Change in Ivan.

                                Tutors summons by the stepmother.

                                Intimidation and bribe of stepmother.

                                Vodka, the pin, and instructions.

                                Second meeting at the lake.


                                Vasilisa’s surprise and hurt.

                                2nd visit with stepmother and tutor.

                                3rd visit to the lake.

                                Sleeping, Vasilisa’s disappointment, and message to Ivan.

                                Ivan wakes and reads the note.

                                Cutting off the tutor’s head.

                                Going home and leaving.

                                Quest for the land of 9 times 9.



                                Finding the first witch’s house standing on single chickens foot.

                                Meeting the first witch.

                                Eating and answering questions.

                                2nd witches house.

                                Eating and answering questions.

                                Small gift.

                                3rd witches’ house.

                                Witch filing teeth.

                                Eating and answering questions.

                               Blowing three trumpets.


                               Land of 9 times 9.

                               Meeting crone.

                              Vasilisa’s rage.

                             Turned into a pin.

                             Crone daughter’s story.

                             Search for love.

                             Finding the casket, duck, hair, egg.

                             Bringing egg to the crone.

                             Crone birthday celebrations.

                             Vasilisa’s eating of the egg.

                             Meeting Ivan.

                             Mystical marriage.



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