The Moon Palace Bones, details and Chapter headings

The moon palace. A story of a girl’s struggle to get away from a tyrannical father.

Disassociation a defense mechanism of the Ego from being overwhelmed.

Chapter headings.

Chapter 1                 The Narrative.

Chapter 2                 The 

Chapter 3                 The

Chapter 4                 The refusal of suitors.

The cast of characters:  




                Head (Male friend)


                Daughters room

                House of heads

                The wise woman of moon palace


               The Moon palace


           Refusal of suitors

                Ice world of tundra

                Conversation between Mother and Father

                Walking on the tundra  (wilderness?)

                Finding head

                Conversation with head

                Taking head home

                The delight of Parents at the relationship

                Rage and anger of father at the head

                Pickaxe in eye?? (where did your axe land? Father wound)

                Head rolling away

                Daughters return

                Following head-blood trail

                Descending to the bottom of the ocean

                Family of heads

                Instruction of head. Return to your father!

                Warning of the head about Moon Palace

                In the moon palace

               Watching the prayers

               Feeling something

               Conversation with the wise woman of moon palace

               Instructions of the wise woman

               The rope the thread

               The descent

               Failing to feel

               Failing to fall to let go

                Turning into a spider.


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