The Moon Palace Narrative.

This is the story of the spider women. 


Once upon a time there was a mother and father who had a daughter.  They leave in a very cold country and it was very important that they had the young man in the family to help them catch the food that they needed to it eat in their old age.  The mother and the father were very concerned that the daughter did not have the young man in her life, and they wondered what would become of them in their old age. 


The daughter of for her part did not seem interested in the young men that were around the village, in fact she found them quite stupid and generally unattractive.  One day the young girl was walking along the tundra and what did she find on the ground but a head.  She was amazed to see ahead lying there on the ground obviously alive and so she began conversation with the head.  They spoke for a short time or long time or for however long that takes.  They had such a wonderful conversation that the girl decided to take the head home she bent down and pick up the head and put it under the arm.  And so, of they went walking across the tundra talking together in this manner.

When she got home, she took the head into her bedroom where they carried on their long conversation.  Mother and father were in the other part of the house and they heard the conversation coming from the girl’s room.  They look at each other and smiled for at last the daughter had brought a man home so they thought.

The strange thing was that the daughter never introduced the man to the mother and father and so the sounds of conversation came out of their daughter’s bedroom but they never saw the man and the daughter never mentioned him.

After a short time or a long time or however long time that takes

The father became so curious that one day when the daughter was out he went into the bedroom so he could meet this man.  Can you imagine his surprise when on the pillow of her bed all he saw was a head?  He became so enraged at what he saw that he went outside and got his ice axe came back into the bedroom and struck the head in the eye with his axe.  The story says that the head rolled of the bed out of the bedroom and then rolled out of the house across the ice and into the ocean.

When the daughter came home, she went into her bedroom to talk to her head.  When she got there the head was missing, but a trail of blood told her what had happened, she raced out of the house following the trail of blood across the ice until she reached the ocean she saw that the trail of blood went down into the depths of the ocean. 

Without hesitation, she dived into the water and swam down to the bottom of the ocean following trail of blood.  When she got to the bottom of the ocean she found a house and inside that house, she saw her dead sitting on the table.  Also sitting on the table were the head’s mother and father sisters and brothers they were all heads.  She went inside and asked her head why he had left.  He said your father hit me with an ice axe so I thought it was best I leave. She asked him please come back with me.  He replied I don’t think your father likes me very much so I don’t think that that’s a good idea. 

What you should do is go back to your father and sort out this problem with him.  She replied if I can’t go back with you I won’t go back at all.  He spoke to her urgently now and he said to her you must go back to your father if you don’t go back to your father you’ll end up in the Moon Palace, go back to your father don’t go straight up.  The girl said if you won’t come back with me then I’m going to go straight up.  And so she did and she ended up in the Moon Palace.

She stayed in the Moon Palace. For a short time were long time or however long time that takes.

Then one day she was looking over the age of the Moon Palace and she saw the young fishermen from the village in their boats getting ready to go out to fish.  It was the customer in the village for the young men to offer a prayer before going out to fish.  They would take a small cup and they would scoop up some water from the ocean and they would throw it high into the air.  The one whose water reached up the highest would have his prayer answered.

One young man through his water so high that it reached the outstretched hand of the young girl in the Moon Palace.  She felt the wetness of the water she felt the coldness of the water she smelt the salt in the water and in brought back memories to her of food of fish of seals of ice of water of playing of swimming of boat rides and times with the mother and her father when she was growing up.  And so she began to wonder about the people she had left behind and as she began to wonder about these people she began to wonder how she could get down from the Moon Palace.  She asked around and was advised that the wise old woman of the Moon Palace would be able to help her.

She went to the wise old woman and asked her if there was any way that she could get down from the Moon Palace, the old woman said is not a difficulty take this rope here and throw it over the edge of the Moon Palace and let it down until it reaches the earth.  Then you climb down the rope until you can see that you’re fairly close to the ground.

 Now, this is the really important part, at this point, you must close your eyes, and, when you feel that you’re just about to touch the ground you must let go of the rope and fall the last couple of meters to the ground.  Have you got that?  Oh yes said the girl that’s easy, climb down the rope until I’m fairly close to the ground, close my eyes when I feel the ground coming up let go of the rope and fall the last couple of meters to the ground.

So she took the rope and she threw it over the edge and began to climb down the strange thing happened as she began to climb down the houses and the people and villages and the landscape that all seemed so far away now seemed quite close in fact she was so fascinated by what she saw that she forgot to close the eyes and fall the last couple of meters and when she touched the ground she turned into a spider, and from that spider all the spiders in the world today will be borne.  That’s the end of the story called the spider woman.

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