The Star Woman Chapter 01 The bones and the Chapter Index

These are the details or bones of this story and could form the basis of a storyboard. How do you remember these stories I’m often asked. Well, I have the Bones of each detail in my head, each one has its own picture like a storyboard, I simply describe what’s in the picture and link them all together. In this sense a picture is worth a thousand words.

The cast of characters and the geography of the story are also in each picture. Characters, setting (geography), and narrative make up each picture on the storyboard. Of course, it helps if you understand the story or at least come to your own understanding of the story your telling.

Yes, geography in the story are characters. In a very literal sense, they tell us where in the psyche is taking place

OR. You can just tell the story and enjoy that.

Hi. I do these bones for storytellers who might want to know the details in a story. These Details are subjective so these are what I see which may not be how anybody else sees them. I am interested in Rite of passage work and shadow work for the Ego and Soul retrieval so I unpack the stories from that point of view. 

To go directly to a Chapter click on Chapter ##.  Enjoy.

Directory of Chapters.

The star woman Index of Chapters.

Chapter 1      The Bones of the Starwoman story and Chapter index.

Chapter 2     The Narrative of the Star Woman.

Chapter 3     A man living in a rented room MGTOW The landlady.

Chapter 4     The male fantasy of a perfect woman.

Chapter 5     How we put women in the bottle

Chapter 6     She leaves us. we fall back into the wasteland and live a living death.

Chapter 7     The Star woman. Women’s place in our culture.

The Star Woman The bones.

Cast of Characters

The young man

The landlady

The room on top of the garage

The motorbike

The sexual fantasy

The star woman as soul

The bottle

Anger of star woman


Three drops of blood

The tree

Details in the story.

Living away from home.

Renting a room on top of somebody else’s garage


Rules and regulations

Fantasy woman

Magical entry of star woman

Time together

The bottle


Enough I’m leaving

Three drops of blood

The tree



Death of young man. 

Our loss of soul.

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