The Star Woman Chapter 02 The Narrative.

The Star Woman Chapter 02 The Narrative.

In the Star woman story, we find the young uninitiated man living alone renting a room on top of a garage at somebody else’s house. The owner of the room was a middle aged divorced woman. To make ends meet she rented out the room with certain rules. No drinking, no women, no loud music, no pissing in the garden, no revving up his motorbike and so on. The gabril Gabrham poem.  The young man was a motor mechanic, a boilermaker, a fitter and turner something like that.  The young man was in his room fantasizing about his perfect woman. The one which would take him out of his loneliness and fulfill his sexual fantasy and what his life would be like is she was around.

One evening the story says as he was musing on his fantasy he noticed a star outside the only window in the room. As he watched grow brighter and it seemed to draw closer until it was right outside his room then wow it was inside the room and out of the light stepped the embodiment of his fantasy. Well the rest of the night wasn’t long but it was wonderful, They talked all night and all of a sudden it was dawn.

Oh shit what to do, what to do? What would you do?

“I have to go to work what am I going to do with you? If the landlady finds you here I’m out on my arse.”   “Not to worry  star woman responded, I saw in your medicine cabinet a glass bottle, I can pour my self in there and you can take me to work with you.” Great idea problem solved.

So That’s how that was, Every morning she went into the bottle, every evening she came out. The story says this went on for a short time or a long time or however long that takes.

Except that when she came out her eyes blazed for just a second. He tried not to notice, he just ignored it as men do.

One day when she came out of the bottle her eyes blazed fiery red, She said “I’ve had enough of this I’m leaving.” 

She went to the window pricked her finger and squeezed out three drops of blood onto the ground. Up grew a mighty tree and she began to climb.

He followed her pleading with he to stay wanting to make a deal, trying to bargain with her. She was having none of that and kept climbing.

She called to him “stop following me, you can’t go where  i’m going, go back.” he ignored her and fell to his death.

That is the end of this story and the beginning of ours.


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