The Star Woman Chapter 06 She leaves us (men), withdraws to somewhere we cannot follow. We fall back, into the wasteland, a living death

The Star Woman Chapter 06 She leaves us, withdraws goes somewhere we cannot follow, we fall back into the wasteland, a living death.

Narrative:   So That’s how that was, Every morning she went into the bottle, every evening she came out. The story says this went on for a short time or a long time or however long that takes. 

angry eyesNarrative: Except that when she came out her eyes blazed for just a second. He tried not to notice, he just ignored it as men do. 

It’s somehow strange that often men in a relationship with a woman have no idea of the health of the relationship. Men seemingly are not good at relating even though they can do the courting really well. When we are courting who is the most important person in the world the beloved. We hang on the words of the beloved, we idolize the beloved, we listen rapturously to the beloved. If relating is a box in men’s minds than after the first year, first child, first promotion, men don’t take it out often, or perhaps not often enough, consequently men often don’t have a feeling for how the relationship health is. Their partners become bit players in their dramas and their drive to provide for the family.  So focused on the work, providing, sports, mates, boxes he is completely taken by surprise when she says “I’ve had enough of this I’m leaving.”   He whips out the relationship box and notices that its empty. To understand the “Boxes” read the previous chapter and watch the video.

Narrative: She went to the window pricked her finger and squeezed out three drops of blood onto the ground. Up grew a mighty tree and she began to climb.

The three blood mysteries of the Feminine.   The ending of this story is most poignant because it what happens in our culture over and over. The inner feminine, what I am calling soul, leaves the untenable relationship, invokes the power of the triple blood mysteries of the feminine, and causes a giant tree to grow. The tree whose top touches somewhere where humans cannot go. Echoes of Jack and the beanstalk story, the maiden Czar and the Parsifal story. Also, the first image of the axis Mundi the vertical axis of the world tree stretching from deep roots in the earth its tops somewhere transcendent.

  • The first blood mystery is the ability to bring flesh and blood life into the world in a way that men cannot.
  • The second blood mystery is the ability to convert blood into milk.
  • The third blood mystery is the menstrual cycle, the physical initiator of girls into womanhood and the promise of life’s continuing longing for itself.

 He followed her pleading with her to stay wanting to make a deal, trying to bargain with her. She was having none of that and kept climbing.

The young man now fully awake to the moment.  Now he realizes he is about to lose the most precious thing in his life.  Like all human beings, he tries to bargain. We have some options here, to go the sour grapes route and denial, or pursue what’s lost, there are other options we employ of course.

She called to him “stop following me, you can’t go where I’m going, go back.” he ignored her and fell to his death.

In the story, we refuse to hear the last advice of our soul and attempt to follow. Without the necessary preparation for that journey, we die. In the story, we fall to our death unable to traverse to the next levels of consciousness. In a story, there is no physical death only the end of an unsuccessful initiation process.

The birth of tyrants and giants.  We then fall back into the wasteland, life having lost its purpose, soul lost and denied. Survival is lived out full of anger, resentment, destruction. War, conquest, totalitarianism, violence, and domination is never enough to fill the hole left by the soul’s departure. Tyrants and giants are borne out of this hatred. Many of whom rule our planet, countries, homes and relationships  today. When the connection to soul is lost then all other . atrocities are possible. The road back, the road less traveled is through connection.

The pursuit of what is lost is the basis of the Hero cycle, laid out and recapitulated in most of our stories, plays, movies and indeed life. This is the hero cycle or mono-myth of Joseph’s Campbell’s work “The hero with a thousand faces”. The Quest for what is lost, the pearl of great price, the magic elixir that will heal the wasteland and so on. It is down this road that the necessity for connection is re-established. Part of the hero cycle is the necessity of finding allies.

Those shadowy things that go bump in the night are too big and terrifying to tackle alone. There are other stories that deal with separation  “The Moon Palace” deals with disassociation (lack of connection) and its remedy. Feelings, remaking connections. Sometimes the experience of life is so overwhelming we withdraw for our own protection. Overtime this withdraw becomes pathologized. When the time is right Soul steps in, creates a crisis and sends us on the hero Journey to cure our own inner wasteland. So we find allies to go on the journey with. I.E. making connections.

Who is in the fellowship  Soul will ensure that the allies represent parts of our own underdeveloped aspects. (inferior functions of Jung) Like in the fellowship of the ring all four humor’s are represented. The four humor’s, Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic.

In Jung’s model of typology, the inferior or fourth function is opposite to the superior or primary function. … The inferior function secretly and mischievously influences the superior function most of all, just as the latter represses the former most strongly. Because the inferior function—sometimes called the lost, missing, or repressed function—is the most unconscious of a type’s four functions, it is the most difficult to access and integrate. This is why it is commonly symbolized in dreams as being buried deep underground, undersea, or in a dark forest. 

The Journey ensures that we have to rely on the whole fellowship for our very survival, we learn that each member of the fellowship has something valuable to offer us on our quest and so gradually we accept our infer functions into ego as an allie. In this world we are forced to do business with people we don’t like, over time we come to accept their quirks and stop being offended by their behavior, rather hold our boundaries and accept them for who they are. Same process.

There is also the sour grape story, one of the other choices where we deny and attack that which we originally loved. This plays itself out through our divorce courts, acrimonious divorces, battles using our own children’s love and affection as weapons against each other. Once where there was love there is now seemingly endless enmity. There are other choices we may make here and a combination of many other choices. Withdrawal, disassociation, bitterness, suicide, and addiction among them.

Our cultures failure to initiate our boys.     In our culture we relegate women to the bottle all the time, we capture her for pornography, use her body to sell all sorts of stuff, generally, we treat her badly with prejudice of all sorts around body functions, positions in society, religions, etc. The list is endless.  At the same time, it is given to women to conceive, to carry a child to term and be a mother, a strange contradiction in a male-dominated society that needs women for its very renewal. Ironical too that mothers are the midwives of the status quo, and create the men that will go on to abuse women. I know that sounds harsh and accusatory of women however that is the fact. The fault here is not in the women but in a society and a culture that refuses to initiate the boys into manhood. Mothers are doing what they have too, ensuring their son’s survival, as laid out in Jack and the Beanstalk.  It is men, the elders who are not doing their job, they are absent without leave, missing in action.

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