The whole of the Iron John story. Video.


The whole of the Iron John story right through.

The story of two bears. How we don’t always recognise what comes to destroy us.                    Starts at  9:53  until  14:07

When the father is absent By James Hillman.                                                                                     Starts at 15:21  until  17:51

Poem by David White “Everything is waiting for you”                                                                      Starts at 18:25  until  21:03

The first half of the Iron John story until “You must leave me now you know a lot about Gold but you don’t know anything about poverty”

                                                                                                                                                                       Starts  at 21:59  until 52:49

The second half of the story until “And they lived happily ever after”                                           Starts  at 52:94  until 1:18:00 story ends

Some discussion and questions.                                                                                                             Starts at 1:18:00 until the end.



To go to the Index of Chapter heading for the Iron John story click here:

Iron John Chapter index and Bones

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